In our most recent work, Tell Us A Story, we are facilitating the assembly of a physical library from stories told by community members and then compiling them into an online archive.  The installation, now on view at ROY G BIV Gallery, includes a wall of library pockets containing stories written by Columbus residents and a video booth that allows people to tell their story on camera. This project calls attention to the dialog between community and institution, as well as reader and writer, and the relationships between participants. Bringing our site-specific practice to ROY G BIV Gallery has equipped our collective to investigate the intersections between the traditional gallery space and formal education environment. The exhibition also includes work by youth in the community who participated in a week long workshop focused on identity through story-telling. Through our artwork and outreach projects, we are interested in building archives to draw attention to contemporary stories that are unheard, and the relationships that can be forged through the intimate and personal activity of sharing a story from one’s life.